On this website you will read all about the pros and cons of living life as an expat wife.

Blogs about me for you

All blogs have been written from my personal experience as a three- time expat wife. With my blogs I give you as much information as possible. There are blogs about practical matters like finding a rental house or apartment.

As well as blogs about experiencing life as an expat wife; how do you see your expat life? Where does it put you? How does this effect you? What are your wishes, needs and dreams?

Expat veteran

I have lived abroad five times; three times in the United States of America, one time in the United Kingdom and one time in Luxembourg. Of these five times I lived the expat life three times.

The other two times I was a student working as a nanny and as a trainee. All together I have lived almost ten years away from my home country.

Military expat versus civilian expat

I know that being an expat is not always easy. Being an expat wife can be extra challenging. I found out about this the third time. The first two times we were military expats and each time we were welcomed into a warm and well- organized expat community. There were still challenges, but they now seem minor to our third and present expat life.

Our apartment in Luxembourg with a huge forest at walking distance

In this present expat life, we live as civilians with no specific back up for the spouses of the expats. In the first year I have been inventing this particular expat life all by myself.

I feel that I am blessed with the experience of the other two expat lives. However, it is not until this expat life that I experience a far bigger personal challenge than I could have ever imagined. And it is this combination of military and civilian expat life that I can truly say ‘I have done it all.’

I help you find your own way

Living an expat life can be challenging at times, but you want to make the most of it and enjoy it as much as your family member(s). Living a life abroad is my passion and I know that this experience can change you and your life experience for the good. That is why I decided to write about my own experiences. To help you find your own way while running an expat family.

I help you grow

I have been living as an expat wife in Luxembourg for over a year now and will be for another couple of years. Every moment of each day I experience ‘the expat life’ live. Writing about this gives me the opportunity to reflect on what I encounter and learn. It allows me to grow.

Loving the snow in Luxembourg

Because I wish for you to grow as well, I share my personal experiences on this website. Not to teach you, but to inspire you. So that you can grow into a happy, selfloving, selfcaring and independent expat wife.

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Exclusive community for expat wives

Because my experiences are personal, I wanted to find a way to share experiences from other expat wives with you as well. Therefore, I have set up a community on Facebook. It is called Expat Ladies United Platform. It is a private group for expat wives around the world. In it we share experiences, ideas, tips and information.

Join us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/521139791918616/

If you know of other expat wives or wives who might become expats, feel free to share this website and the community with them. We are all in it together and together we can help each other to experience the expat life as the best part of our personal life.

Our overexcited dog in our apartment in Luxembourg

If you have any further questions about being an expat wife, you can send me an email at natasjaderkinderen@gmail.com or find me on social media by the name of Expat Ladies United.

Happy expat living!