It all happened so fast. I can barely believe it. One and a half year ago our lives were turned upside down. And now we are living an expat life for the third time.

With this blog I will tell you about the challenge of thinking rationally versus following your heart.

Failing business

One and a half year ago both my husband and I were struggling with our jobs. As an entrepreneur the business failed me. Slowly but gradually, I lost faith and I started to wonder whether I wanted to continue or not.

Flourishing project

My husband on the other hand was enjoying his work very much. He was just given a new project which he really wanted to work until his retirement. Everything looked good and everybody was very satisfied about his progress. Then out of the blue, he was forced to a new position and he was no longer sure about his future.

Happy in my home country The Netherlands

Closing the expat chapter

At the same time he was given the opportunity to apply for a job in Luxembourg. We were given the chance to live as expats again. To us this came very unexpectedly because we had already closed that chapter. Twice before we had been expats in the United States. After that we considered an expat life in Italy but decided not to. We were ready to finally settle in our home country The Netherlands and closed the expat chapter forever. Or so we thought …

Last chance

And then after a couple of years, all of sudden this chance for another expat life was given to us. What to do? Both my husband and I are pretty practical people when it comes to making decisions of this kind. We each made a list of the advantages and disadvantages and concluded that the sense of adventure for the both of us clearly dominated. This was our last chance for a life abroad.

Never say never again

“To boldly go where no one has gone before.” This saying from Star Trek has always been our mantra and now it was more applicable than ever. One of our joint interests had come alive again and we decided to go for it. And that is why suddenly and unexpectedly we are currently living an expat life again. Never say never again.

Excited about our expat country Luxembourg

Writing is another thing I am passionate about. And what could one write about best than about another passion? Exactly, our expat life. That is why on this website I write about my experiences as an expat wife. Besides sharing my stories, I will also try to give you as much practical information as I possibly can. With this I have created my new job.

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Äddi (‘Until next time’ in Luxembourgish)